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Il quartiere Coppedè

This small neighbourhood, made up of just 18 residential buildings and 27 other buildings, is actually a tiny fraction of the Trieste district between Piazza Buenos Aires and Via Tagliamento, which develops around Piazza Mincio. The project for the neighbourhood was given to architect Gino Coppedé in 1915, and finished by Paolo Emilio André.

Over the years, many artists have been intrigued by the mysterious and unique appearance of Coppedé, inspired by its stunning architecture, which is an eccentric mix of Art Nouveau, Neo-Gothic, Kitsch, Baroque and Neo-modernism. It is no surprise that talented Italian directors like Dario Argento, Nanni Loy and Nando Cicero chose this neighbourhood for some of the scenes in their films, seduced by its striking and extraordinary character.

The uniqueness of Coppedé even enchanted the legendary Beatles: it is said that the British artists, after a concert in the nearby Piper nightclub, jumped fully clothed into the Fountain of the Frogs in Piazza Mincio.

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